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Getting waitlisted from your number one school choice can be difficult. Logically, you know that it’s a better outcome than an outright rejection, but the uncertainty around getting waitlisted can ratchet up anxiety during an already stress-filled college admissions process. It’s not unheard of to be admitted after getting placed…


Good grades and high test scores are no guarantee that you will get in to the college of your choice. Every school has its own selection criteria to determine who they think will be a good fit. Before you apply, find out what characteristics your college may look for in…


The best way to help reduce the overall cost to attend college is with money you don’t have to pay back. When it comes to free money, you have options such as scholarships and grants.


Choosing where to attend college can be difficult and costs can’t be ignored. If you’re determined to go out-of-state, check out which states may be more affordable to attend.