It’s a common belief that out-of-state tuition is more expensive than in-state tuition. Although that is true on average, here’s an interesting little factoid: While most states charge a premium to out-of-state students, some actually offer discounts.

So if you’re dead-set on leaving home, take a look at the map and the chart below to help you assess which states offer the most affordable tuition for out-of-state students.


Note: Average costs are applicable for undergraduate tuition, fees and room and board rates for an entire academic year at a public college as presented by the US Department of Education in October 2010.

In-State Versus Out-of-State Tuition

If you’re thinking about changing your state residency to pursue better pricing provided to in-state residents, beware. State and school requirements can be very complex and may even be prohibitive. Make sure you talk to people in the know, like school administrators, and read up on state requirements before you make any decisions.

Source: US Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences

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